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Live Roulette XProGaming
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XProGaming is a global provider of live dealer games for online casinos that offers a wide variety of high-quality solutions, including live roulette. The gameplay is broadcast from the studios in Bulgaria and Moldova, in real time, and the tables are managed by professional, amicable dealers who will gladly answer your questions if asked through a built-in chat box.

The game seems to have less features than you would expect to find in a live roulette; however, this will not affect your overall impression of the roulette since the game provides the longstanding entertainment, smooth performance, quality graphics and a true Vegas thrill.

Roulette rules and gaming screen

The Live Roulette from XProGaming is based on a European set of rules and has a single zero pocket on the wheel, with the house edge being, therefore, 2.7%. There is the main table for making inside and outside bets, as well as a racetrack for call bets and neighbors. The inside and outside bets include all traditional bet types that are common for a European roulette: for example, Straight Up bets, Dozens, Columns, Even/Odd, and others. Hovering over a betting area will highlight the numbers to be covered by your bet if you place the chips on that section of the table. As you move the mouse pointer over the table, a tooltip will show the payout for a respective area.

The camerawork in the game is great. Whichever view mode you select, the webcam shows the dealer during the betting time, which is about 30-35 seconds. Then, after the betting time runs out, the camera zooms in to show the close-up of the ball spinning round the wheel.

To the left of the gaming screen, you will find a small panel that displays game details on the one tab, and shows the chat box on the other tab. To the right of the gaming screen, there is a panel that presents the table limits for all betting types and the detailed history of previous rounds. By showing the percentage of Red/Black/Green winning numbers as well as Hot/Cold numbers, this panel will help you make more reasonable decisions when trying to figure out which number or betting area to place your chip on.

Table limits may vary and they are determined by the table you have selected. As a general rule, the minimum bet is $0.5, and the maximum bet is $5000, though in some cases the total bet is capped at $75,000 per round.

Settings and features

The game gives the option of saving one or more favorite betting patterns by using the Favorite Bets feature that activates on clicking the same-name button. The feature may come in handy if you tend to make the same bet that involves putting numerous chips on the layout.

The video feed window that shows the table and the dealer can be enlarged, reduced or turned to a full-screen mode. By using the HD/Hi/Lo switch inside the video feed window, you can customize the stream quality to your current internet connection.

There is also the Tip button on the table that allows for tipping the amount that you find appropriate.

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