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Live Roulette Extreme Gaming
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Classic Roulette by Extreme Gaming is a purely classic game based on the traditional rules of European roulette. This roulette variation is developed by an acknowledged leader in the live casino market, providing an ultimate gaming experience and an unmatched quality of the live video stream.

The Classic Roulette tables are situated at a London-based studio and are run by highly professional English-speaking croupiers. There are no other tables around in the background, which creates the feeling as though the dealer operates the table for you. The roulette wheel and the dealer are streamed live through a real-time video feed, so you and other players can interact with each other, see the betting process and enjoy an authentic casino action. The video is broadcasted in a high-definition quality but using the High/Low control at the bottom right corner you may switch between the quality options to customize the video feed to your internet connection speed.

Roulette rules and gaming screen

The game is a classic European roulette with a single zero and 36 numbers on the wheel. The time counter at the top right corner shows the remaining time before the next round, and you should place your bet within that time span which is normally 20 to 25 seconds. The main betting field provides the opportunity to place all types of inside and outside bets, including, but not limited to, Red/Black, High/Low, Column, Dozen, Corner and other bet types.

An additional racetrack to the right is used for placing special bets that are commonly known as call bets and neighbors. A neighbor bet in this game is placed on five numbers that are neighbors on the wheel, so if you put $10 on a neighbor bet, it means you have $2 on each of these numbers.

The roulette game may be available in different table limits that depend on the online casino of your choice. As a general rule, the minimum stake is $1 and the maximum stake can reach into dozens of thousands of dollars.

Settings and features

User controls, toolbar buttons and chips of various denominations are located in a compact manner at the bottom of the screen, providing an unhindered view of the stream window. All Extreme Gaming solutions, including this one, are rich in features allowing the player to enjoy a trouble-free experience in all aspects of the game.

To the right and left of the dealer, there are two retractable information windows that can be hidden when not needed. These windows show the numbers that occur most or least frequently on the wheel (these are commonly known as “hot” and ”cold” numbers); the breakdown for Red/Black, Even/Odd and High/Low occurrence. Besides, you may view the history of the latest 20 rounds. The built-in chatting window that can be hidden from view is used to contact the dealer and send messages to other players at the table.

The Live Roulette by Extreme Gaming boasts of a very convenient feature that is typical for all live dealer games by that developer. Clicking on the hamburger button, a player may launch one or more live dealer games, not necessarily a roulette game, and play multiple tables at the same time, switching between them with a few clicks.

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