Golden Ball Roulette Extreme Gaming

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Golden Ball Roulette Extreme Gaming
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Extreme Gaming that has been operating since 2013, is totally focused on delivering high-end live dealer solutions that are widely regarded as one of the best in the online casino industry. The Golden Ball Roulette developed by that company puts a new spin to live roulette by introducing several unique features that will enhance your gaming experience.

The Golden Ball Roulette is streamed from a land-based studio in London, in a perfect high-definition quality that can be adjusted manually in case of a poor connection speed. The croupiers are all professional, skilled and user-oriented since all of them have an intensive in-house training program before they are allowed to run the table.

Roulette rules and gaming screen

The game follows the classic rules of a single-zero European roulette with the house edge of 2.7%. The player may place standard inside and outside bets (Red/Black, Dozens, Columns, etc.), neighbors and call bets. The square racetrack to the right of the main betting area is designed for making call bets. The dealer always stands at a red table that is also used for special Golden Ball bets to be described hereinafter.

Settings and features

The statistics window is very informative providing useful details about “hot” and “cold” numbers which are the numbers that are drawn most or least frequently with each spin. Another Statistics board shows the percentage of Red/Black, Even/Odd and High/Low numbers. All of these stats help players make a more reasonable and informed choice when betting. The indicator to the dealer’s right shows the last ten results as well as the time indicator that begins to count down after every wheel spin to inform you on how much time is left before the next spin. Players are given 20 seconds between rounds to place their bets.

The tool bar with some dozen buttons, the casino chip display and the bet option buttons are located at the bottom of the screen taking very little space. In general, the user interface does not look busy, enabling players to see every game detail on the screen.

In the Settings menu you have the option of choosing your preferred interface language and view the history of today’s bets and older bets. If you are not satisfied with the default video settings, you may try to change them by increasing or reducing the video stream quality or switching to a full-screen mode. What’s more, you can deactivate the video stream completely, leaving only the betting area; in this case, the stream window will be showing a static image, not a live video.

Golden Ball feature

The Golden Ball feature integrated into the gameplay adds a competitive twist to the roulette. To activate the Golden Ball round, you must be the one who has wagered the highest total amount for 20 wheel spins in a row. If this is the case and you are ranked first on the leaderboard, you are offered to place a bonus bet on the red table and grab a bonus cash prize, the amount of which may vary depending on your betting activity during the preceding 20 spins.

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