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French Roulette Net Ent
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French Live Roulette developed by Net Entertainment is a top-quality live dealer solution that will appeal to all devotees of the classic French roulette. The tables are run by user-friendly and competent croupiers, and the entire gaming action is streamed live in a high-definition quality via a webcam. No matter the device you use to play the roulette, you will enjoy the crystal clear video feed, a realistic sound and the intuitive interface – all designed to bring you the feeling of a physical casino.

Roulette rules and gaming screen

French Roulette has a 37-numbered wheel (one zero and 36 red and black pockets numbered from 1 to 36), so the house advantage in this roulette is 2.7%. The table layout in this game is basically the same as in any European roulette, except for some minor exceptions, such as a different visualization of bet types, which are marked in both English and French, three boxes for Dozen bets labeled as P12, M12 and D12, etc. Anyway, if you are at a loss what to do, the roulette rules are accessible from within the game by clicking the “i” button.

On the main betting field, there are areas for placing outside bets (Even/Odd, Column, etc.) and inside bets (Straight Up bets, street bets, Six line, etc.). Call bets and neighbors are also available and they are placed on a small racetrack that needs to be opened first by clicking on the racetrack icon shown to the right of the main table.

The game is captured by a video camera that changes its angle of view automatically. During the betting time, the camera shows the dealer. After the bets are closed and the ball begins to spin round the wheel, the camera moves its focus onto the wheel, enabling players to see every minute detail of the rotating wheel and the moment the ball lands into a pocket.

To the right and left of the dealer, there are two Roulette Billboards that display hot and cold numbers, the latest winning numbers, your bet in the current round and your total balance. Furthermore, you will easily detect a chat window, which is designed to exchange messages with other players and the dealer. The chat window can be hidden in the Settings menu.

The table limits are shown on the table and they are normally $1 for the minimum bet and $75,000 for the total maximum bet.

Settings and features

The user interface created by NetEnt is easy-to-understand, even for a beginner. The bet management buttons are clearly marked and accompanied by a short descriptive text that that gives a fully transparent idea of what the button is used for; for example, for clearing all bets from the table, doubling the bets, and more.

The Star button to the left of the chips opens the Favorite Bets menu, which is a unique feature designed by NetEnt. By using this feature, you may save the betting pattern that you use often and then have it placed on the table automatically, without having to click on certain numbers or other table areas multiple times.

To get fully immersed into the gameplay, you may try to activate a full-screen mode, which does not compromise the video stream quality.

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