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Club Roulette Extreme Gaming
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Extreme Gaming, a leading provider of live dealer solutions, has rolled out a new version of the European roulette called Club Roulette that has a powerful social twist. At the beginning of the game, you are asked to choose one of 10 avatars that would represent you at the roulette table. Besides, you may see the other player’s bets on the table and the other players may see your betting decisions, unless you decide to turn this feature off.

The game is streamed in real-time mode from a London-based studio, and the tables are hosted by professional and knowledgeable dealers who took intensive training courses before they began to work.

Roulette rules and gaming screen

This is a classic European variant with 36 numbers plus a zero pocket. The table layout accepts five types of inside bets (Straight-up, Split, Street, Corner and Line Bet) and three types of outside bets (Column, Dozen and Even-Money Bets). Hovering over any betting area will highlight the numbers that would be covered if you choose to bet on that area. Call bets and neighbors are also accepted in Club Roulette. To place a special bet you need to click on the small racetrack icon above the roulette table and open the large version of the racetrack.

The payouts are traditional to any European roulette and they vary depending on the bet type; a Street bet, for example, that covers 3 numbers pays out 11 to 1, a Low/High bet has the payout of 1:1, etc. Featuring a single zero pocket on the wheel, the roulette has the player advantage of 97.3%.

There is an information sign above the table that shows 8 latest results. For more details about the game history, you need to click the Statistics button at the top of the screen. The Statistics panel displays a wheel map with hot and cold numbers under one tab, and the Red/Black, Even/Odd and High/Low breakdown of winning numbers under the second tab.

The button toolbar is located along the left edge of the screen and provides a plenty of options for customizing the gaming process to your taste and personal preferences.

The detailed rules of Club Roulette are available for view by clicking the “?” button on the gaming screen.

Settings and features

The video stream is of high-definition quality by default. If you have some connection issues, you may lower down the video quality or even turn off the stream. In the latter case, the game will display only the table and the background picture; on the other hand, you may launch the full-screen mode to get the finest gaming experience.

All Extreme Gaming solutions, including this Club Roulette, have a multi game feature. Clicking on the hamburger button at the bottom left corner, you will open the live casino lobby without being removed from your current game. Then, in the lobby, you may easily browse other live games, select the one you wish to join and play several games simultaneously.

The Settings button in the toolbar will allow you to change your preferred interface language and view the personal betting history, including the results of your gaming activity.

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