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Live Roulette Ezugi
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Ezugi is an Israeli developer and provider of high-tech live dealer solutions, including live roulette, blackjack and baccarat. This live roulette game is streamed in real time from studios located in Bulgaria, Cambodia and Costa Rica. In the background, you will see other live tables, which creates a very enjoyable experience, and a unique casino style and atmosphere. The croupiers who run the table speak English and Spanish; the table language is displayed by a country flag in the casino lobby.

The action is captured by two video cameras, and you are given the opportunity to toggle between the views at any time of the game. One of the cameras gives a classic view of the table, and the second camera focuses on the roulette wheel itself. The video quality is fairly high but players who have a low connection speed may downgrade the video quality in the Settings menu; alternatively, the Auto option can be checked to let the software customize the video quality automatically.

Roulette rules and gaming screen

The Ezugi-powered roulette is a European single-zero roulette with 37 numbered pockets and the house advantage of 2.7%. There are two racetracks for placing standard inside bets, outside bets, call bets and neighbors, with about 30 seconds offered for making a decision of how to bet. As soon as 30 seconds pass, the ball is released onto the wheel and after a few spins and bounces it stops on a winning number.

All the bets have standard payouts that are typical of any European roulette; for example, a bet on a single number pays 35 to 1, a street bet pays 17 to 1, and a Red/Black bet pays 2 to 1. Along with the traditional stakes, the Ezugi live roulette offers a rare bet type known as Red/Black Split bets, which are made up of a few regular two-number Split bets covering red or black numbers that are situated next to each other on the table, for example, 16/19, 10/13, etc.

The table limits are displayed on the screen; the minimum bet is $1, and the maximum bet reaches $5000 (the max limit may vary depending on the selected table).

Settings and features

The bet management buttons (Double, Undo Bet, Rebet and Clear All), colored chips of various denominations and a button toolbar are all shown at the bottom of the screen without hindering the view of the video stream. There is also the Tips button that allows you to tip the dealer, if desired.

Clicking the Statistics button will display Hot and Cold numbers, 10 latest winning numbers, and also a small version of the table indicating how often each of the numbers and table areas won in 100 preceding rounds.

Further to this, in the toolbar section you may click a corresponding button to control the sound volume, switch to a full-screen mode or view the detailed rules of the live roulette. In case you have any questions to the croupier, you may type a message in the chat box and send it to the croupier.

The game offers a Favorite Bets feature that enables you to save the maximum of three favorite bets and then place them automatically.

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