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French Roulette Evolution Gaming
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Having a 10-year expertise in the industry, Evolution Gaming develops truly unique cutting-edge live dealer solutions that are loved by millions of gamblers all over the globe. This French roulette presented by Evolution Gaming is a premium-quality game that will make your heart beat faster as you put chips onto the table and see the ball spinning round the wheel.

Before the game starts, you are offered to choose a classic or 3D view of the table that can then be changed during the game, if desired. In the classic view, the dealer and table are in front of the camera, and the video stream window is fairly small. In the 3D view, the camera changes its orientation to show the table from a different angle, creating a truly immersive feel.

Roulette rules and gaming screen

The game is based on the classic rules of a French roulette. The wheel has 37 numbered pockets, including a single zero pocket. Unlike the European roulette with the house advantage of 2.7%, the French roulette has the house edge reduced to 1.35% in certain circumstances described below.

The main betting area and the racetrack are located under the video feed window. The table layout looks a bit different as compared with the European roulette. In particular, on the French roulette table you will see French-language bets and three betting spots marked as P12, M12 and D12; these stand for the first, second the third dozens respectively.

The main table layout and the racetrack are used for placing different types of inside bets, outside bets, call bets and neighbors. All bet types have their own payout rates and the range of numbers they cover, all being clearly explained in the Help section of the game.

The chat box to the left of the video feed window is designed for sending messages to the dealer and other players.

All players have continuous access to game stats displayed to the right of the video feed window. The statistics are represented in the form of a diagram that reflects up to 500 latest rounds, the amount of which can be changed by the slider. In addition, hot and cold numbers are also listed in the statistics, with the option to place a bulk bet on either five hot or cold numbers.

La Partage rule

One of the key differences between the French roulette and other game variants is that the French roulette normally follows the La Partage rule which cuts the house advantage to 1.35% on even-money bets. This means that the player receives half the bet back if he placed a Red/Black, Even/Odd or Low/High bet and the ball settles on zero. Without this rule applied, a player loses 100% of the bet if the ball lands on “0”.

Settings and features

By clicking the toolbar buttons located on the screen, you can customize the gameplay to your tastes and preferences. The Settings menu includes four video quality options (Low, Medium, High and HD) and also the Auto Adjust option that can be ticked if you want the roulette software to streamline the video quality automatically.

There is also the Favorite Bets feature enabling a player to save the current bet pattern for easier placement in future rounds. This feature is very convenient and time-saving if you regularly place chips on different single numbers and betting areas within one round.

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